Research provides the inspiration, guidance, and validation we need to design great products. From the personal (like interviewing users) to the analytical (like metrics) there’s a continuum of research skills that are essential for design teams. The most effective companies integrate this discipline into their culture and make research a habit.

Creative people are ones who are willing and able to metaphorically buy low and sell high in the realm of ideas. Buying low means pursuing ideas that are unknown or out of favor, but that have growth potential. Often, when these ideas are first presented, they encounter resistance. The creative individual persists in the face of this resistance, and eventually sells high, moving on to the next new, or unpopular, idea. In other words, such an individual acquires the creativity habit.

Think lightly of yourself and deeply of the world.

This little bit of wisdom was written in Dokkōdō (The Path of Aloneness), a book of 21 maxims on how to live life, written by the 17th century japanese samurai Miyamoto Musashi a week before he died. 

I also like “do not depend on a partial feelings” and “do not hold on to possessions you no longer need”.

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