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  1. Kyro Beshay: UX Idea: Real Turn-by-Turn Navigation


    The new Google Maps app was finally released, and I’m loving it so far, but it’s missing a feature I’ve been hoping to see map apps implement for some time. I have this problem where as soon as I pull up directions on my phone, whether right after entering my destination or getting out of the…

  2. How I got a YC interview as a single founder and blew it at the final hurdle


    I’m currently 30,000 feet up in the sky, flying home after interviewing unsuccessfully for the W13 batch. I would like to share my experiences with you, illustrating what I did right, i.e. to be one of the select few to be invited to Mountain View as a solo founder; and what I did wrong, i.e. why…

    Steve Grahams YC application story, must read. 

  3. “It pays off in your life when you’re in an elevator and people are uncomfortable. You can just say, “That’s a beautiful scarf.” It’s just thinking about making someone else feel comfortable. You don’t worry about yourself, because we’re vibrating together. If I can make yours just a little bit groovier, it’ll affect me. It comes back, somehow.”

    Bill Murray, Star of ‘Hyde Park on Hudson’ - NYTimes.com (via rickwebb)
  4. “Live in the future, then build what’s missing.”

    PG (via brycedotvc)
  5. You Just Have To Do Something


    Throughout life we are impacted with moments that are rich with meaning and significance. Regardless of the joy or sorrow that these moments create, it is our job to listen and respond. This summer I was given the gift of one of those profound moments.

    On a warm August afternoon, my wife and I invited some close friends over for lunch to spend the day swimming in our pool. We were in the water playing with our kids, watching them one-up each other jumping in, and playing all the usual games.

    One of the times my daughter climbed out to jump back in, she cried out in pain after stepping on a bee. As soon as I pulled out the stinger left behind in her foot, one by one more bees began to swarm. Thinking that the dead bee was attracting others, I picked it up and went inside to throw it away.

    The moment I opened the trash in the kitchen I heard my wife scream outside. It wasn’t an ordinary scream. I look outside right at the moment she was diving into the water. Racing outside I was certain that she was being attacked by the aggressive bees.

    I made it to the edge of the water right when she was coming up. My heart sank. In her arms was our little boy, blue and lifeless.

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  6. Soundboy: The 10X Hustler


    I first heard about Paul Graham through his essays. Prior to YC’s brand becoming the international juggernaut it is today, the essays were what lead Michelle, Pete and me to apply to YC. One of Paul’s essays that really stood out for me was How to Make Wealth, and in particular the concept that…

  7. Early sketches from the web’s finest


    Pen and paper

    Most designers are accustomed to starting their work on paper. If you’re a designer, you’ve probably got a notebook or two sitting around with random brilliant sketches. Often the initial sketches themselves are something to be proud of — and it’s a shame that no one ever sees them.

    Have you ever wondered what others’ sketches look like? We did. When designers put pen to paper the results are quite different. We’ll show you.

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  8. Jack's: Let's reconsider our "users"



    1. A person who uses or operates something, esp. a computer or other machine.
    2. A person who takes illegal drugs; a drug user.


    During a Square Board meeting, our newest Director Howard Schultz, pulled me aside and asked a simple question.


    This has always bothered me, it’s great to see Jack talking about something most people would dismiss as trivial.